We manage more than your real estate.

We manage peace of mind.

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Full Service Management

Everything you need in one place.

Property ownership is a multi-faceted job and your time is valuable. Let us take the reins on all aspects of your investment so you can focus on what is important to you.

One Step Ahead

Only The Best.
Always Available.

Why make concessions on your money? Expect only the best through all aspects of your investment with Sentry. Our success is measured by the success of our clientele. We never allow for mediocrity and neither should you. Contact our team for a consultation.

Truly Effortless Ownership

We Handle Every Aspect Of Your Investment

Whether your goal is to continue the growth of your portfolio, take more time for yourself, or to fully retire while keeping your investments running at maximum efficiency, Sentry is the key to that door. We allow for full visibility with zero effort.

Sentry Portfolio

Don't let your asset's potential go unrealized. Let Sentry go to work for you.

Professional Marketing Staff

Your return on investment is not simply a function of your Rent Roll but a net value based on tenant quality, vacancy rate, and market management. Through Sentry you have access to one of the most skilled and highly rated marketing teams in the state.