Asset Administration

As a property owner, developer, or condominium trustee, you know that a reliable and effective property management company is the linchpin to success. With so many moving parts to contend with including marketing, construction, repairs, capital improvements, tenant relations, and owner management, having a skilled, seasoned, and capable team to administer all aspects of your property’s operations is key to maximizing both your ROI and peace of mind. That’s why Sentry Management only uses experts in their respective fields and manages them with a close eye on time and budget. 

Based in the Boston area, we run our management platform using state-of-the-art software that benefits both landlords and tenants alike by making payments, work orders, and invoicing a breeze while allowing full transparency and real-time insight into your property’s performance. Our administrative team will keep your operations running flawlessly.

Project Management

We’ll draw up a work scope and pull permits, using our trusted team of licensed contractors to work with both vacant and partially vacant buildings, undertaking all the necessary safety protocols.

Where historic renovations are concerned, we’ll work within the Landmark and Historic Preservation guidelines to ensure interior and exterior finish work adheres to their protocols, documenting the process and scheduling inspections along the way.

Capital Improvements

In an effort to stay up to date with new rental community standards and undertake a value-add program, our management company consistently suggests new capital improvements to ensure maximum occupancy by the building’s target demographic and increase the property’s net worth. For new construction communities, these are standard but for older communities, the updates are vital to stay competitive and generate the maximum possible value from a sale.

Financial Management

Proper financial oversight is the backbone of any successful business. That is especially true in real estate where expenses can get out of control unless a tight hold is kept. Sentry offers our clients more than 40 years experience in real estate financial management and reporting. We accomplish this for you by using the most sophisticated property management software on the market to ensure that every penny spent is accounted for and that your rental units generate the maximum income possible. Our clients receive monthly reports and have real-time access to all of their profit and loss data. All your needs are accounted for with full transparency.

Maintenance Services

  • Online tenant portal
  • Annual property inspections
  • Semi-annual smoke/fire alarm inspections
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • 24/7 monitored phone line
  • Top vetted service professionals
  • On-site staff for larger communities
  • Online or phone maintenance work-order requests and real-time updates
  • Capital improvement overview

Marketing & Branding

Sentry will manage your investment through tried and tested marketing exercises. We work with only the best brokerages to make sure you have quality tenants who will bring the maximum value with minimal impact. For larger properties and development, we offer branding and rebranding services to either start you on the right foot or realign your position in the ever-growing crowd. Whether you hold three units or three hundred, we look to bring our market experience as an important value-add.

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